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Beirut, Lebanon

October 14-15, 2023

Join us for the highly anticipated Rising Tide online event, bringing together participants from around
the globe, right from the comfort of your own home! Whether you are virtually joining us from Beirut, Lebanon, or various locations across the Middle East and Europe.

A special thanks goes to our partner, Maha Ghazale, who has made this possible!

During the event, access exclusive Rising Tide conference recordings for two days. Immerse yourself in knowledge, captivating discussions, and thought-provoking presentations. But that's not all!

Engagement is key to us. Maha and Rising Tide founder, Michael Remole, will guide participants through interactive reflective and feedback sessions. Share your comments, observations, and valuable insights gained from the Rising Tide conference.

No worries about time zones. We have considered participants from the Middle East and Europe, ensuring easy access to the conference recordings. Wherever you are, actively join us on this  transformative journey.

Save the date, clear your schedule, and get ready for an incredible online adventure with Rising Tide.
Break barriers, connect across borders, and make a lasting impact at the upcoming Rising Tide

Join from any location

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